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I can't tell you exactly what will work for your target audience, but I will give you the tools to figure it out. 

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Advertisers are rewarded for creating better ads, because they are incentivized to keep users on their sites. Think about it. If you are annoyed by being constantly bombarded with ads for a site, then you are more likely to switch to another comparable site. Websites have a low barrier to entry, so competitors are always looking to take down the existing giants and take over. How much do you think Yahoo would love to take over Google as the number one search engine? Google is going to do everything that they can to maintain that top spot, while Yahoo is going to work hard to eat away at that share of the search engine world. Social media is no different. 80% of all online users are on Facebook regularly, while Twitter sees only 23% of that share. 

The online world is competitive, and the big dogs in the game make a lot of revenue from their advertising spend, but they don't want to do that by annoying their users. 

What does this mean for you? 

It means that you need to create relevant and attractive advertisements. If you do that you will pay significantly less. In some cases, no matter how much you are willing to pay, Google will not show your ad to an audience if your image, copy, and landing page are not relevant to the person viewing it. 

How do you find out what is relevant and what isn't? Through testing. Download the eBook above, and you will learn exactly how to find out what is working with all of the relevant areas, and what you need to improve on.