For small businesses, reducing advertising costs overall is imperative. Learning how to test and reduce the spending on digital advertising can save your business a lot of money. MB Marketing is constantly reducing advertising costs for clients by doing perpetual A/B Testing on all of the advertisements that we run. This allows us to optimize for the highest ROI and the lowest cost for our clients. 

If you haven't written your marketing plan for 2018, it isn't too late. Make sure that you are including some of the most important topics that are needed to meet your goals and objectives for digital and social media marketing in 2018. This plan will walk you through 5 important topics that you will want to make sure that you add and include in your plan. 

This guide is your quick start overview to writing effective social media posts that meet your objectives. Social media is a massive global platform that can boost brands, regardless of if they are a small local mom and pop shop, or a multi-national brand with a gigantic marketing budget. This checklist will go over several important steps to follow when writing content to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another social media platform. A great overview for beginners, or a desk reference for seasoned writers, download this checklist today to get started. 

Writing for a social platform that you are not comfortable with can be hard. What will people want to read? What do they want to engage with? Thinking about why people are on social media, and what you can do to stay in front of them in a positive way to build your small business or brand is difficult. That is why MB Marketing has put together a quick reference guide for you to keep handy while writing posts for social media. Creating online content that people will want to interact with will be much easier if you keep these tips close by for when you are having trouble. 

Determining what a customer is worth to your business or brand is an important number that most business owners or marketers do not know. It is difficult to impossible to set a marketing budget without knowing what a newly acquired customer to your brand would be worth. This overview gives great detail on how to calculate what a customer is worth. Then, once you have made that calculation, you can set a budget on how much you would be willing to spend to bring in new business. By following this path, it makes it easier to ensure that you do not have a negative ROI (return on investment) on your marketing strategies, because you will know how much you can spend to bring each new customer in to your brand. 

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